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Playground closed for maintenance. Reopening October 23rd.
Playground closed for maintenance. Reopening October 23rd.
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Lawns Open Today
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Lawns Open    Lawns Closed

Madison Square Park Conservancy is responsible for the maintenance of the park’s lawns. During the month of October, Oval lawn and Farragut lawn are open daily for public use starting at 10 AM through 7 PM, weather permitting. Learn more about park hours and rules by visiting our FAQ page.


What’s Happening in the Park

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 At 11.04.03 AM
October 18, 2021 | Dogs

Meet Walter

Introduce us to Walter. Hello! My name is Walter (or Walt or Walty for short). I’m an 8 year old Shorkie (Shih-Tzu and Yorkie mix), who gets mistaken for a puppy…

20201108 102022
October 6, 2021 | Horticulture

What Can We Learn from the Pine Barrens?

This summer, the park’s gardens transported visitors to the Pine Barrens, a unique regional ecosystem in New York and New Jersey. As the horticulture exhibition…

Ghost Forest 130521 0009 9 (1)
September 21, 2021 | Art

Inspiring Reflection and Climate Action Through Public Art

With public art, the private act of looking becomes a shared, civic experience. Since Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest opened, parkgoers have gathered under the cedars,…

MSPC UNClimateReport (1)
September 20, 2021 | Sustainability

The UN Climate Report Released: What it Means for Our Park

In August 2021, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its Sixth Assessment Report. In this report, hundreds of scientists confirm…

Screen Shot 2021 09 02 At 12.57.15 PM
September 14, 2021 | Art

Plant Trees in NYC Local Parks

In collaboration with Natural Areas Conservancy and accompanying Ghost Forest, Madison Square Park Conservancy and Maya Lin will coordinate the planting of 1,000…

September 7, 2021 | Sustainability

Become a Citizen Scientist

The park’s delicate ecosystem is rapidly changing. With the help of our community, we can monitor how these changes impact the species living in our park.  In recent…

20210803 112041
August 30, 2021 | Horticulture

The Reflecting Pool Blooms

The Reflecting Pool at the northern end of Madison Square Park features a seasonal native water garden. White and blue flowers are nestled within the reflective…

Screen Shot 2021 08 17 At 3.40.43 PM
August 23, 2021 | Horticulture

Summer Annuals

Our summer annuals are in full bloom! Located in front of Seward and Conkling Monuments, this display showcases a colorful display of flowers that are favorites…

Screen Shot 2021 08 24 At 1.37.08 PM
August 23, 2021 | Art, Press

Reconnecting to the Natural World: Maya Lin on How Art Can Lead Us to a Sustainable Future (ARTnews)

So many of us live in cities, and are so removed from nature. I grew up in Athens, Ohio, surrounded by woods. Behind our house were three forested ridges separated…

Bob Williams Forest (1)
August 17, 2021 | Art

A Dialogue on the Pine Barrens

Tom Reidy, the Conservancy’s Deputy Director of Finance and Special Projects, had the unique opportunity to speak with both Forester Bob Williams of Pine Creek…

Screen Shot 2021 08 16 At 11.33.33 AM
August 16, 2021 | Horticulture

Why Native Plants Matter

Native plants have gained the reputation for looking messy or weedy and ornamental plants are known for their aesthetic appeal. However, what some people don’t…

Mspc Hero Treeline
August 9, 2021 | Horticulture

The Trees That Keep Us Cool

It has been a hot summer in New York City. While many of us see hot days as a time to relax in the park, extreme heat temperatures can cause people to experience…

Screen Shot 2021 08 04 At 12.41.11 PM
August 9, 2021 | Art, Community

The Conservancy Participates in “NYC Homecoming”

Madison Square Park Conservancy will participate in “NYC Homecoming,” a citywide cultural celebration running from August 14–22. Featuring live concerts, movie…

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 9.04.58 AM
July 27, 2021 | Art

Hugh Hayden’s “Brier Patch” Opens in January 2022

Artist Hugh Hayden (American, b. 1983) will realize Brier Patch, a newly commissioned public art project, opening on January 18, 2022. One-hundred elementary school-style…

20210706 092239
July 26, 2021 | Horticulture

Our London Plane Trees Are Losing Their Bark—Here’s Why

The London plane tree is a large, shade tree and the most common street tree found in New York City. In fact, it was beloved by former NYC Department of Parks &…

Screen Shot 2021 07 14 At 4.34.22 PM
July 19, 2021 | Sustainability

It’s National Moth Week

It’s National Moth Week! This annual event happens at the end of July each year celebrating the beauty, life cycles, and habitats of these creatures.   Moths are…

Screen Shot 2021 07 06 At 12.08.01 PM
July 13, 2021 | Community, Dogs

Jemmy’s Dog Run Reconstruction

Our beloved Jemmy’s Dog Run is getting a makeover. We listened to your feedback and are now in the final stages of fundraising for a complete reconstruction. This…

Screen Shot 2021 07 13 At 1.50.07 PM
July 13, 2021 | Horticulture

Curator’s Commentary Part 2: Designing Plants of the Pine Barrens

Last month, I discussed why I wanted to bring awareness to how a simple action like replacing native plants with ornamentals can have a big impact on our ecosystem. Through…

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 4.57.43 PM
July 6, 2021 | Sustainability

The Return of the Cicadas

Every 17 years, Brood X cicadas emerge from the ground. While the arrival of these rather strange looking insects can be alarming and quite loud, have no fear—cicadas…

Ghost Forest by Maya Lin. Photo: Madeline Cass
July 1, 2021 | Art, Press

In Maya Lin’s ‘Ghost Forest,’ the Trees Are Talking Back (The New York Times)

The installation in the heart of Madison Square Park is the artist’s memorial to another war — the one against nature.

June 29, 2021 | Art

This Summer, Music on the Green

In collaboration with Carnegie Hall, Music on the Green is a free concert series inspired by Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest that brings artists from the Hall’s Ensemble…

20170616 073511
June 28, 2021 | Horticulture

Curator’s Commentary: Designing Plants of the Pine Barrens

Meet Steph Lucas, Curator of the Plants of the Pine BarrensLearn why this Horticulture exhibition means so much to her. Hello I’m Gardener Steph and the curator…

Maya Lin, Ghost Forest, 2021. Photo: Andy Romer
June 22, 2021 | Art, Press

Maya Lin on Planting a Ghost Forest in Manhattan (Artforum)

On Earth Day, Maya Lin and I stood in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park surrounded by dead trees. The artist and architect had just completed Ghost Forest, an installation…

June 21, 2021 | Sustainability

Discover our Pollinators 

Calling all citizen scientists! To honor the birds, bees, beetles, and butterflies that keep the park healthy and vibrant, we are taking time to learn as much as…

June 14, 2021 | Sustainability

Bee Homes

Our five bee homes provide a safe place for the park’s native bees to lay their eggs during nesting season. Unlike a honey bee, cavity dwelling bees like our Leafcutter,…

June 14, 2021 | Sustainability

How We Support Our Pollinators 

It’s important to protect the pollinators that keep our park healthy. From what we plant, to how we care for our lawns, we’re taking steps to protect these vital…

IMG 8432
June 14, 2021 | Dogs

Meet Romeo

Introduce us to Romeo. My daddies George and Bill say they always thought that if they ever got a dog, it would be a black, long-haired dachshund with tan markings.  …

June 7, 2021 | Horticulture

The Only Level 2 Arboretum in Manhattan

We are proud to announce that Madison Square Park’s arboretum has been designated a Level 2 Arboretum by The ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program and The Morton…

June 7, 2021 | Sustainability

Meet Our Pollinators

When we think of pollinators, we often think of bees, but they are not the only species pollinating the plants in Madison Square Park. Did you know that flies,…

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Abigail Deville: Light of Freedom, Narrated by Brooke Kamin Rappoport
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