Trees of the Park

Trees of the Park


The trees in Madison Square Park are what gives the Park that special feeling. Our tree overstory creates an aura of respite, and as soon as you step into the Park you are transported out of the hustle and bustle of the city, and able to find moments of reflection.

With over 300 trees in and around the Park, and boasting a rich diversity in species, Madison Square Park Conservancy is committed to keeping our trees healthy, securing and preserving the canopy for future generations to enjoy.


Tree Conservation Plan
As part our plans for the future of the Park, we have commissioned a 60 year Tree Conservation Plan to protect and strengthen the canopy—the gem of Mad. Sq. Park.

Major goals of the plan call for:

Read our Tree Plan here.

Maintaining our Canopy
Every year there is a considerable level of care that goes into the maintenance of our trees, including pruning, feeding, ground care, administering antibiotics, structural tests, and when necessary, removal.

Planting for the Future
In an effort to meet the goals set forth within our Tree Conservation Plan, the Conservancy aims to plant five to ten new trees in the Park each year.

Interested in helping us plant for the future of the Park’s tree canopy? Join our membership Program, Mad. Friends, as a Park Steward and we will dedicate a tree in your honor, list you and your tree on our website, and invite you and your closest friends to a tree dedication party.

Arboretum Accreditation
In January 2018 Madison Square Park was awarded Level 1 Accreditation by the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program.

Read more about our Arboretum here.

Take a self-guided tour of the trees in our arboretum here.


Meet the Trees
Get to know some of the trees in the Park via these fun and informative blog posts:

Black Locust • Ginkgo Biloba • The James Madison Tree • English Elm • London Plane • Eastern Redbud •  Witch-Hazel  •  Prunus Mume •  Nyssa Sylvatica • Horse Chestnut • Sweet Gum • Heaven