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What’s Happening in the Park

April 4, 2023 | Horticulture, Press

While Early Bloom Brings Joy, the Presence May Signal “A Cascading Effect” (TimeOut New York)

Spring blooms are occurring earlier in the city's parks, and though they're a welcome sight after a gray season, it's also a little unsettling. Our Horticulture team spoke with TimeOut New York to explain why its problematic.

Screen Shot 2023 01 17 At 11.03.55 AM
January 17, 2023 | Art, Press

‘It was screaming for a female’: Shahzia Sikander on creating a statue of a woman for a Manhattan courthouse (The Art Newspaper)

The artist’s new commission for Madison Square Park and an adjacent court building also includes an augmented reality component

June 14, 2022 | Art, Press

Cristina Iglesias’ Radical Public Sculpture: ‘I’m Not Trying to Recreate Nature’ (Wallpaper)

Artist Cristina Iglesias was recently interviewed by Wallpaper about her work, accolades, and exhibitions.

Landscape And Memory Side Flow Rashmi PNG
June 13, 2022 | Art, Press

Landscape and Memory (TimeOut New York)

Artist Cristina Iglesias' "Landscape and Memory" was recently featured in TimeOut.

Maya Lin Happy Bday
May 23, 2022 | Art, Press

Maya Lin Named One of the 100 Most Influential People of 2022 by Time Magazine

Congratulations to artist Maya Lin on being named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2022. Lin's "Ghost Forest" exhibition was on view in the park in 2021.

Madison Square Park, Hugh Hayden, Brier Patch
February 14, 2022 | Art, Press

100 Wooden School Desks Sprout in Madison Square Park (NY1)

Brier Patch was recently featured in a news segment on NY1, where artist Hugh Hayden and Brooke Kamin Rapaport, Deputy Director and Martin Friedman Chief Curator,…

Madison Square Park
February 8, 2022 | Art, Press

Hugh Hayden’s Striking New Sculptures Take on the Inequities of Public Education (Artsy)

Throughout the world, there is an inextricable link between education, equity, and economics. It is also widely believed that education is the greatest weapon against…

Madison Square Park, Hugh Hayden, Brier Patch
February 7, 2022 | Art, Press

Trees Burst from 100 Elementary Desks in Hugh Hayden’s Installation Addressing the Disparities of Public Education (Colossal)

Four lawns in New York’s Madison Square Park are now sites of a sprawling and insightful public installation by artist Hugh Hayden. On view through April 24, “Brier…

The Brier Patch Exhibition, featuring school desks on the park lawn bursting with tree limbs.
January 24, 2022 | Art, Press

100 Wooden School Desks Are Sitting in Madison Square Park (Time Out New York)

The work “Brier Patch” by artist Hugh Hayden is an installation on view through April. If you pass by Madison Square Park you’ll notice about 100…

1 Ancien River
January 20, 2022 | Art, Press

“Landscape and Memory” Will Bring Madison Square Park’s Buried History to the Surface (The Architect’s Newspaper)

With Maya Lin’s tower grove of Atlantic white cedar trees killed by saltwater infiltration now removed from Manhattan’s Madison Square Park and set to begin their…

Artist Hugh Hayden standing among the Brier Patch exhibition, which features desks bursting with...
January 18, 2022 | Art, Press

Hugh Hayden, Surrealist Sculptor, Addresses Education Debate (The New York Times)

“Just watch your eyes,” the sculptor Hugh Hayden warned as he circumnavigated the wooden school desk he had made from cedar logs, their branches still attached. …

Screen Shot 2021 12 07 At 12.38.26 PM
December 7, 2021 | Art, Press

Best Art Exhibitions of 2021 (The New York Times)

Ambitious museum shows in Tulsa, Richmond, and Louisville left an imprint. Jasper Johns, Maya Lin and Latino artists shone. And the high quality of gallery shows…

Screen Shot 2021 12 07 At 12.23.05 PM
December 7, 2021 | Art, Press

Revealed: Time Out New York’s 2021 Best of the City award winners (Time Out New York)

As the saying goes: “New York is back!” While that statement may have become a bit of a cliché over the last 12 months, there’s no denying that a sense of revitalization,…

Screen Shot 2021 12 07 At 12.18.54 PM
December 7, 2021 | Art, Press

12 spectacular public artworks that brightened up our cities in 2021 (Time Out New York)

My God, we all needed a bit of cheering up at the start of 2021. Much of the world was in the midst of its worst coronavirus wave, and life was as dull and grey…

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November 30, 2021 | Art, Press

Hugh Hayden Explores the Thorny Sides of the American Dream (W Magazine)

At the eccentrically daft dinner parties that Hugh Hayden stages regularly, guests are showered with hospitality and hobbled by irksome constraints. Much thought…

Screen Shot 2021 11 23 At 12.36.47 PM
November 23, 2021 | Art, Press

Wood from Madison Square Park art installation donated to Bronx-based organization working to empower youth (AMNY)

Below a hill in Hunts Point, the Bronx River glistens, offering an escape from the city. Herons and egrets glide above the water and the air is fresh. A 20-foot…

IMG 7209
November 1, 2021 | Art, Press

Maya Lin Keeps Breaking New Ground (The Wall Street Journal)

“This is the squirrel condo,” Maya Lin says, pointing to an English elm tree pocked with holes, a ring of almond shells tossed like so many used takeout containers…

Screen Shot 2021 08 24 At 1.37.08 PM
August 23, 2021 | Art, Press

Reconnecting to the Natural World: Maya Lin on How Art Can Lead Us to a Sustainable Future (ARTnews)

So many of us live in cities, and are so removed from nature. I grew up in Athens, Ohio, surrounded by woods. Behind our house were three forested ridges separated…

Ghost Forest by Maya Lin. Photo: Madeline Cass
July 1, 2021 | Art, Press

In Maya Lin’s ‘Ghost Forest,’ the Trees Are Talking Back (The New York Times)

The installation in the heart of Madison Square Park is the artist’s memorial to another war — the one against nature.

Maya Lin, Ghost Forest, 2021. Photo: Andy Romer
June 22, 2021 | Art, Press

Maya Lin on Planting a Ghost Forest in Manhattan (Artforum)

On Earth Day, Maya Lin and I stood in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park surrounded by dead trees. The artist and architect had just completed Ghost Forest, an installation…

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 At 12.28.42 PM
May 22, 2021 | Art, Press

Artist Maya Lin’s Tries to Showcase Different Side of Nature (CBS)

Maya Lin's latest creation won't be around for long, and instead of a tribute to our past, it's a warning about our future. Anthony Mason shows how it all came to be.

May 12, 2021 | Art, Press

‘I Call Them My Gentle Giants’: How Artist Maya Lin Planted 49 Towering Cedar Trees in the Middle of New York City (Artnet News)

The installation, which Maya Lin said carries a sense of mourning, has taken on added meaning since the death of her husband in January.

Ghost Forest
May 10, 2021 | Art, Press

In Maya Lin’s New Installation, a Forest Grows in Manhattan (Vogue)

In a new commission from the artist and architect Maya Lin, the wide, flat lawns of Madison Square Park have been transformed into a forest of cedars, tall and stately.

May 6, 2021 | Art, Press

How a Pandemic Year of Loss Reshaped Maya Lin’s Art and Architecture (Los Angeles Times)

The piece was intended to draw attention to the plight of a native tree that has been decimated by habitat loss, the presence of invasive species and, now, climate change.

Copy Of 5 Credit Maya Lin Studio
May 5, 2021 | Art, Press

Top Shows to See in New York During Frieze Week (The Art Newspaper)

From Eva Hesse and Hannah Wilke at Acquavella Galleries to Deana Lawson at the Guggenheim.

April 28, 2021 | Art, Press

Maya Lin Builds a Final Monument to the Climate (Frieze)

With the opening of Ghost Forest at Madison Square Park, the artist and architect discusses memory and ecology with frieze Senior Editor Evan Moffitt.

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 At 1.47.05 PM
April 21, 2021 | Art, Press

Eight Leading Artists Championing Sustainability (Christie’s)

Eight artists who are using their practice to spotlight the environment, tackle the urgency of climate change, and champion sustainability.

April 11, 2021 | Art, Press

Maya Lin’s “Ghost Forest” Installation Brings Dead Trees From Pine Barrens To Madison Square Park (Gothamist)

Designer and architect Maya Lin is getting ready to unveil a new art project in May called Ghost Forest, a tree installation about the effects of climate change in Madison Square Park.

March 17, 2021 | Art, Press

For Maya Lin, a Victory Lap Gives Way to Mourning (The New York Times)

“Ghost Forest,” an installation dramatizing climate change, is set to open in New York City’s Madison Square Park in May.

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Abigail Deville: Light of Freedom
Abigail Deville: Light of Freedom, Narrated by Brooke Kamin Rappoport