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Lawns Open Today
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Lawns Open    Lawns Closed

Madison Square Park Conservancy is responsible for the maintenance of the park’s lawns. Lawns are open daily for public use starting at 10 AM through 9 PM, weather permitting. Lawns are closed on Parade Days.  Learn more about park hours and rules by visiting our FAQ page.


Apr 24 - Jun 23, 2022

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Apr 28 | Horticulture

Journey to the Bouquet: Local Growers

Join Candice Howard from Duchess Farms and Chris Losee from Silverpetals Farm as Madison Square Park’s four-part horticulture webinar series continues with Journey to the Bouquet: Local Growers.

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Apr 29 - May 2 | Ecology, Sustainability

2022 City Nature Challenge

Join us for the 2022 City Nature Challenge in Madison Square Park. This international event brings together 443 cities from around the world to gather observations…


Pollinator Picnic

Join us for a free, family-friendly celebration of all our native pollinators for all that they do to keep the park and the environment healthy.

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May 24 | Community

Community Update

Join us for our Community Update to learn more about the Conservancy, what changes will be happening in the park, and which programming and events are coming up this year, while also getting updates on important community and safety resources.

Jun 1 - Aug 31 | Ecology, Sustainability

Summer Scavenger Hunt

From birds to bees, flowers to fungi, join us in exploring the park's plants and wildlife by participating in our seasonal Scavenger Hunt—all ages welcome! Make observations to help us identify what’s living in and around your park.

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Jun 3 | Art

2022 Annual Symposium: Unearthing Public Art

Join us on June 3 for our annual symposium, Unearthing Public Art, inspired by Cristina Iglesias’ "Landscape and Memory."

Stop ‘N’ Swap (1)
Jun 11 | Sustainability

Stop ‘N’ Swap

Drop off or pick up clean, reusable, portable items like clothing, housewares, electronics, books and toys while helping reduce waste.

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Jun 14 - Aug 3 | Art

“Landscape and Memory” Lunchtime Tour

Join us on the Oval Lawn every Tuesday and Wednesday at noon for a lunchtime tour of artist Cristina Iglesias' "Landscape and Memory" exhibition.

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Jun 14 | Horticulture

Garden Walk

Join us for an evening tour with our team of horticulture experts. We'll take a stroll through the carefully cultivated park gardens and learn about all the different species growing this season.

Jun 15 | Art Talk, Art

Art Talk with Kevork Mourad

Join us for a free Art Talk in conjunction with Cristina Iglesias’s Landscape and Memory, on view through December 4. 


Wildlife Walk

Join urban naturalist Chris Kreussling on this tour of Madison Square Park to discover the wildlife that makes our urban greenspace so ecologically rich. Chris will help participants spot all types of wildlife in the park, so we invite you to bring your own binoculars.

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Jun 22 | Art Talk, Art

Art Talk with vanessa german

Join us for a free Art Talk with vanessa german in support of Cristina Iglesias’s "Landscape and Memory," on view through December 4. 

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This is Your Park
As an independent non-profit, we rely entirely on the support of our community to keep our park clean and green for everyone to enjoy. Become a Mad. Friend, join our Art Council, or learn about other ways to give to your park today.
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Abigail Deville: Light of Freedom
Abigail Deville: Light of Freedom, Narrated by Brooke Kamin Rappoport
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