Perennial Collections

As part of a broader effort to offer Madison Square Park patrons a world-class public garden, we have established five perennial collections (daffodils, redbuds, hydrangeas, witch-hazel, camellias) in the Park.

For more information on our five species of perennial collections, see below.



Common Names:  Daffodil, Jonquil
Latin Name: Narcissus sp.
Plant Description:  Yellow to white blooming ephemeral bulbs.
What makes Daffodils special at MSPC:  Daffodils are the flower of NYC. Madison Square Park was one of the gardens that participated in the first Daffodil Project, planting Daffodils in memory of the victims of September 11th.
Bloom time:  March-May
Varieties in the Park: There are currently 43 varieties of Daffodil in the Park. We look forward to continuing to grow our collection until we reach with the goal of  150 varieties of daffodil.
Status: MSPC’s Daffodil collection focuses on White, Green, Pink, Double and Miniature Daffodils. While many Daffodils already exist in the park, MSPC will be planting more Daffodils and applying for American Daffodil Society recognition in 2022.


Common Names: Redbud, Judas tree
Latin Name: Cercis sp.
Plant Description: The Redbud is a small native tree with large heart-shaped leaves. Flowers are generally white to red and bud before the tree leafs out.
What makes redbuds special at MSPC:
Redbuds are one of the most beautiful trees native to our region. They are also very important plants for pollinators, especially the native leafcutter bees, who use the leaves as nesting material.
Bloom time: April
# Varieties in the Park: 36
# of Varieties anticipated: 40
Status: MSPC is hoping to complete the collection by 2019 and to become an American Public Gardens Merited Collection.


Common Names: Hydrangea, Hortensia, Snowball
Latin Name: Hydrangea sp.
Plant Description: Hydrangeas generally woody plants with large ball or umbel-like flowers. Some species are vining.
What makes Hydrangeas special at MSPC: Hydrangeas are the star plants of Madison Square Park’s garden design. More than 350 Hydrangeas grow in Madison Square Park.
Bloom time: June – August
# Varieties in the Park: 24
# of Varieties anticipated: 50
Status: MSPC is cataloging and identifying all Hydrangeas in the park. By 2022 MSPC will finish curating the collection and submit for American Hydrangea Society recognition.


Common Names: Camellia
Latin Name: Camellia sp.
Plant Description: The Camellia is an evergreen shrub bearing large, showy flowers in the spring and fall.
What makes Camellias special at MSPC: No other park has a collection of Camellias this far north on the east coast. Our collection features primarily fall-blooming varieties.
Bloom time: November- December, March-May
# Varieties in the Park: 8
# of Varieties anticipated: 50
Status: MSPC is hoping to complete the collection by 2022 and to become an American Camellia Society Merited Collection

Witch Hazel

Common Names: Witch Hazel
Latin Name: Hamamelis sp.
Plant Description: The witch hazel is a small native understory tree baring yellow to red spider-like flowers in winter.
What makes Witch-Hazels special at MSPC: Not only do the flowers provide winter interest when many other things are asleep in the garden, witch hazels can have very fragrant flowers and great fall leaf color.
Bloom time: November – March
# Varieties in the Park: 71
# of Varieties anticipated: 70
Status: MSPC has a complete collection of witch hazel and is in the process of making it a nationally recognized plant collection.