Meet the Mad. Sq. Dog: Winston

Introducing Winston!

The adorable english bulldog of Mad. Friends Scott & Sinead.


1. Introduce us to Winston.
Winston is a handsome English Bulldog born on Valentine’s Day 2014. He lives in the neighborhood and can often be seen sitting outside The Churchill or Dog & Bone. He is an aspiring football/hockey player and an avid fisherdog!

2. How often does Winston come to the Park, and what does he like to do there?
Winston is in the Park most days. He especially likes to play with the balls and has a special toy in the Park to practice his hockey moves!

3. Does Winston have any particular dog friends at the Dog Run?
Many. Ludwig, Noddy and Clide are his special neighborhood pals.

4. If Winston could tell the visitors of Madison Square Park one thing, what would it be?
The Dog Run at MSP is a pretty special spot. Lots of visitors come every day and if you’re into dog watching, it’s the place to be in NYC.

5. Anything else you would like to share?
Winston is the manager at Dog & Bone on 25th and 3rd. It was a wonderful dog friendly sidewalk cafe during the warmer months.