Mad. Friends


Thank you to the following Founding Members for their outstanding support of Madison Square Park.

* = Founding Member


Mad. Leaf
Gary Cheatham, Jeffrey Edwards, and Junior
Dick Cirillo
Mary Cummins
Marc Desrosiers
Dr. Matthew Edman and Dr. Zoe Quirk*
Joshua and Whitney Fletcher
Jude, Mia, and Sarah Gorman
Kerin and Jason Hempel
Geoffrey Hsu and Emily Chu*
Todd and Jessica Jacobs
Tad Low and Alisa Ruvinsky*
Sean and Audrey MacIsaac
Nandini Mani
Ed Martin*
Emer O’Hanlon and James Murphy
Robin and Nick Politan
Nathan Richards
Robert Roblin
Jason and Jana Roth
Madeleine and Michael Saraceni
Susan Small Savitsky
Matthew and April Sinni
Roma and Tom Steffanci
Sal Taibi*
Gil Tenzer and Orit Mardkha-Tenzer
Kathleen and T. Liam Wertheimer
Thomas Young*
Robert and Beth Zelony

Mad. Blossom
Karhan Akcoglu & Li Li*
Nicholas Athanail
Jung Chai
Richard and Sabine Chalmers*
Howie Chang*
Ellen and Casey Cogut*
Tad and Susan Crawford*
Heather Evans
Mike and Adena Friedman
Suzanne Frye, M.D.
Matthew Gould
Rick Green
Jim Panichella
Jonathan Pressman, Sally Poblete, and family
Barry Schochet and Dennis Sklenar
Emily Shattan
Susan and David Swinghamer
David W Terrell
Cynthia C Wainwright

Mad. Oak
Sherwin Belkin
Sheila Davidson
Megan and Michael Sussman
Sarah Steinberg*
Susan Turner*
1 Anonymous

Park Steward
Frank Crimmins and Candace Cox*
Barry Friedman and Patricia Pastor
Diego, Jeanne, and Lila Gomez*
Ira Kleinman
Ida Liu and Serge Tismen
David Shapiro
Michael Reiff and Tatiana Simonova*
Kendra and Jeffrey Simes
Dennis Trunfio
Amy and Anthony Tutrone
Peter and Georgia Van Dyke*