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Meet Radley!

Oct 26, 2023 | Community, Dogs

Meet Radley!


Introduce us to Radley

Radley is a 4-year-old Brussels Griffon – who was born in Florida and arrived in NYC during the beginning of the pandemic (a true Pandemic-Puppy).  She resides at The Stanford and loves walking through Madison Square Park – it is her hood!

Does Radley have any friends in the park?

Radley is happy to greet any human and will approach longingly to be petted. She is curious and befriends all dogs, large or small, who cross her path.  Her best friends are Marcal, an adorable French Bulldog, and Rosie, a friendly mixed terrier.

Has Radley been enjoying Jemmy’s Dog Run?

Although she is appreciative of the opportunity to play off-leash in Jemmy’s Dog Run, she becomes shy and prefers to sit on the bench with her mom to observe the other pups playing around.

What are some of Radley’s favorite things to do when she visits the park? 

She also loves to sit with her pet parents at the Shake Shack tables, because it smells so good, and she is assured to get a treat!

Her favorite activity in the park is to accompany her parents as they stroll on the many tours provided by the Madison Square Park Conservancy Group as they learn about the gardens, the history, and the changing art exhibits.

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