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Meet Milo

Apr 12, 2023 | Dogs

Meet Milo


Introduce us to Milo

Milo (pronounced: mee-lo), the vivacious Australian labradoodle born on May 6, 2021, belongs to Mad. Friends Jessica Cárdenas and Elias Ibrahim. Milo is curious, cuddly, alert, energetic, extremely sweet and lots of fun! If you’ve crossed paths with Milo in the park, there’s no doubt he’s made you giggle. Milo styles a man bun, is super shaggy, and loves to observe which often looks like eavesdropping.

How long has Milo been visiting Madison Square Park? 

When Milo was 4 months and fully vaccinated, the first thing we did was take him to Jemmy’s dog run. I’m so glad we captured those moments, it’s amazing to see his personality evolve and it’s always a treat to meet fellow creampuff labradoodles. 

What are some of Milo’s favorite things to do when he visits the park? 

Within seconds of recognizing the direction in which we are walking, Milo loves to enthusiastically lead the way. Once inside the first gate, Milo always looks back as if to say, hurry! His furry friends rush up to greet him – I would say this is one of his favorite moments at the park in addition to running up and down the hill, gathering intel from unfamiliar scents and a good game of chase. Sometimes Milo will get the crowd going on a high speed chase where he is the one being chased! I don’t know how he does it, but it’s hilarious! 

Does Milo have any friends in the park?

As many as a city pup could hope for! We also have friends who take their dog to Madison Sq. Park at different hours, like Zeke, Ziggy, and Obi, who live nearby, and Dolly and Chase, who specifically visit for playdates with Milo.

Has Milo been enjoying Jemmy’s Dog Run since it reopened last year?

Pawsitively! We practically skipped over on opening week. Both of our coworking spaces are just minutes away plus I host pop-ups for Plentea Matcha nearby so Milo gets lots of sniffing breaks at the park.  

If Milo could tell the visitors of Madison Square Park one thing, what would it be?

Sniff it, don’t lick it. The park has five bee homes scattered throughout! The bee’s gravitate towards the nectar. Pretty sweet.

Stay in touch with me at @WestVillageLabradoodle

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