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Madison Square Park Conservancy is responsible for the maintenance of the park’s lawns. Lawns are open daily for public use starting at 10 AM through 5 PM, weather permitting. Lawns are closed on Parade Days.  Learn more about park hours and rules by visiting our FAQ page.

State of Our Trees 2021

Jan 10, 2022 | Horticulture

State of Our Trees 2021

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Each year, our team completes a thorough tree inspection and assessment to determine the health of our trees. This allows us to identify which trees need extra care and which require pruning––a process needed to help us plan for the future. Here’s what we learned during this past year’s winter assessment:


Trees Lost

  • 11 Trees were lost in 2021:
    • 1 Pin Oak on west gravel due to reduced canopy
    • 1 London Plane at 26th Street due to strength loss
    • 2 Crabapples on Farragut Lawn due to strength loss
    • 1 Silver Maple due to unsafe conditions
    • 2 Carpinus at 26th Street in the tree wells died
    • 1 Robina at 24th Street died
    • 2 White Ash trees were lost to emerald ash borers
    • 1 Nyssa due to poor establishment


Trees Planted

  • 18 trees were planted in 2021:
    • 2 Red Maples planted at Farragut Lawn
    • 1 American Basswood planted at Farragut Lawn
    • 1 Crabapple planted at the playground
    • 1 Crabapple planted at Redbud Lawn
    • 1 Yellowwood planted at 26th Street
    • 1 Black Locust planted at 24th Street and Madison as a replacement
    • 1 American Hornbeam planted at 26th Street as a replacement
    • 1 Silver Linden planted at 26th Street as a replacement
    • 3 Magnolia ‘Centennial Blush’
    • 3 Amalanchier ‘Obelisk’
    • 1 Magnolia macrophylla ashei
    • 2 Fringetrees


The Conservancy has not only developed a tree succession plan to help us plan for the future, but we also want to ensure that we continue to provide our community with access to a world-class arboretum. To learn more about our tree plan, click here. And to donate to the tree fund, click here.

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