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Meet Shay

Aug 20, 2018 | Community, Dogs

Meet Shay

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Introducing Shay, whose Mad. Friend owners, Phil Cogan & Ronni Faust, gave us the lowdown on this playful Mad. Sq. Dog!

Introduce us to Shay!
Shay, a mini goldendoodle, came to us when he was eight weeks old in October 2016. He was the cutest little thing ever. He quickly stole our hearts and that of other people in our building and on the street. We can’t walk him without people stopping us and asking if they can pet him, take a picture, let him lick their ears or give him a treat. He is a universally loved little guy. He can get cranky once in while, but for the most part, he has a loving disposition. And he’s eager to please.

How often does Shay come to the Park, and what does he like to do there?
Shay comes to the park almost daily and plays in the dog run a couple of times a week. He loves being chased by other dogs in the Park and playing with dogs by sparring lovingly.

What are Shay’s favorite treats and toys?
Shay loves his big ball, woven pull toy and his orange ball-type silicon toy from Iheartdogs. While he loves balls, he is not the best ball player. It’s not in his genes, even though he is part retriever. The poodle part seems dominant. He has been through numerous stuffed animals, coasters and other easily destroyed toys. Now that he is two years old, he has settled down a bit, but he still loves to play and has lots of energy.

Does Shay have any particular dog buddies or favorite areas to play in the Dog Run?
His best friends growing up have been Zuki (labradoodle), Mona (Australian herder), Raya (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Archer (Jack Russell). Khrys, our dog-walker has been walking the team since they’ve been little puppies. He has expanded his circle to include many more puppies including Bodem, Inja, Sally, Kevin and many other puppies. He’s a real social butterfly.

Anything else you would like to share?
Shay would love it if the dog run were cleaner. He has long hair and isn’t thrilled about taking a bath each time we come home. It’s his favorite hangout, and he isn’t satisfied until he can run himself exhausted with his favorite friends in his favorite Park. He loves living so close and considers himself lucky to be part of the gang at Madison Square Park.

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