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Madison Square Park Conservancy is responsible for the maintenance of the park’s lawns. Lawns are open daily for public use starting at 10 AM through 5 PM, weather permitting. Lawns are closed on Parade Days.  Learn more about park hours and rules by visiting our FAQ page.

Community Safety Meeting

Jan 11, 2021 | Community

Community Safety Meeting


Madison Square Park Conservancy and the Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership met to address public health and safety concerns in the neighborhood. Joined by City Council Member Carlina Rivera, the NYPD, and a number of the homeless outreach groups that serve our community, it was a fruitful conversation with the promise of continued partnership. We have spent the past few weeks in conversation with the various agencies that support and provide services to the community. If you weren’t able to attend, click here to watch a recording.

Madison Square Park Conservancy & The Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership, along with the leadership at Community Board 5, have created this document to serve as an information-based resource for neighbors to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to feel safe while also working to support New Yorkers in need.

If you would like to learn more about Community Board 5’s public safety efforts, contact Marisa Maack, District Manager/Community Board 5 at

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